Issue 9 Now Available For Pre Order!

  Steampunk Magazine Issue 9 is now available for preorder!   This long-awaited issue is our thickest yet, coming in at 118 pages of mad science, history, interviews, fashion, and fiction!   This issue covers such subjects as: dieselpunk, anti-fascist fashion, DIY miniature airships, paper dolls, the New Orleans general strike of 1892, loaded dice […]

Interview: Progress the Series

Progress is an upcoming web series about Wiki-leaks style adventures on a steam-powered Victorian internet. I chatted with the creators about some of the inspirations for the series. Check it out at their website; you can also support their IndieGoGo campaign! Tell us a bit about the world of  Progress. How does wiki-leaks happen in a […]

Fiction Review: The Wailing

BY MR GRAHAM Self-published Reviewed by Anna Burwell Enter ‘Professor’ Leland, existing furtively in the chaos surrounding the Blitz with his roommate (of sorts), Rowan. Employed—as he seems to have always been—by the mysterious body known in-narrative as ‘the Management,’ Leland is charged with doing his part for the war effort in this time of […]