Fiction Review: An Airship Named Desire

BY KATHERINE MCINTYRE Publisher: Hazardous Press Reviewed by Lori Holuta What’s a steampunk story without an airship? Well, it’s certainly not mandatory, of course, but an adventure that’s centered around an airship provides the perfect opportunity to showcase many readers’ favorite elements in the Steampunk genre. An Airship Named Desire carries a weighty cargo. Besides […]

Les Machines de L’lle

Know what’s really cool? Giant steampunk mechanical animals. But where to find them? France, apparently. We’ve posted  Les Machines de L’lle‘s giant elephant before, but here’s some of their other creatures!

Issue 9 is Now Available Online!

Our long-awaited 9th issue is now available for download! You can get it on the Combustion Books website or on our downloads page. This issue is our thickest yet, coming in at 118 pages of mad science, history, interviews, fashion, and fiction! This issue covers such subjects as: dieselpunk, anti-fascist fashion, DIY miniature airships, paper […]

Introduction to The Nautilus Project

Captain Mobius is just your average everyman: he’s fifty-something, retired with a partial physical disability… and he has a mission: you see, he’s recreating the Nautilus from Walt Disney’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ as a 36-foot, 5 passenger lake-going boat, and doing it single-handedly. In a recent conversation from an undisclosed location somewhere in […]

Release Party at Steampunk World’s Fair!

Will you be at Steampunk World’s Fair in a few weeks? We will be, and we’re throwing a release party for our new issue! Join us for a surrealist-themed shindig with parlor games and silent films, 10pm-midnight on Saturday in the Centennial Room at the Embassy Hotel.