Les Machines de L’lle

Know what’s really cool? Giant steampunk mechanical animals.

But where to find them? France, apparently.

We’ve posted  Les Machines de L’lle‘s giant elephant before, but here’s some of their other creatures!

Two people ride a mechanical bird at a French themepark.

Mechanical turtle and horses on a merry-go-round.

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3 Responses to “Les Machines de L’lle”

  1. Wow, really cool images! Thought you might want to check out our new Steampunk-inspired Industrial Chic virtual room: http://bit.ly/13Fo9xj

  2. […] If you are interested in giant steampunk mechanical animals,  then head over to Steampunk Magazine at http://www.steampunkmagazine.com/2013/05/les-machines-de-llle […]

  3. Hi!
    yes, it’s in France, in a town called Nantes.
    Here is the link where you will get a glimpse.

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