MS Fantasy Ball Overrun With Steampunk Goblins… Again.

Interview with Joy Halcott by Kevin Steil   Steampunk Magazine: Hi Joy, thanks for joining us! Joy Halcott: Hello!  I’m glad to be here.   SM: You’re involved in an upcoming steampunk themed Multiple Sclerosis event. Can you share a bit more about it? JH: Hosted by Team Wench, Inc., the Multiple Sclerosis Fantasy Ball […]

Frank Howard the Wonderful Tattooed Man

Art and culture blog Hyperallergenic has a great post about the 1880s book  Life of Frank Howard, the most wonderful tattooed man ever known in the civilzed [sic] world: a sketch of his life and the manner in which he became tattooed. The book was recently digitized by Harvard University, and is apparently a great read. Frank […]

Madeline Foxtrot’s “No Torque Zone”: An Interview with Glenn From League of STEAM

My name is Madeline Foxtrot, and I am an important person. If I were to write out all my accomplishments Steampunk Magazine Online would have to pay the internet for more space. I’ll admit I’m not sure how the internet works but I’m quite certain it works like that. While I’m not an internet expert […]

FICTION: On the Effects of Transmutational Science by Jeannie M. Leighton

Editor’s Note: Issue 10 is starting to come together! To keep you entertained until it’s ready, we’ll be featuring a couple of short stories here on the blog. Here’s the first; enjoy! *** ON THE EFFECTS OF TRANSMUTATIONAL SCIENCE Jeannie M. Leighton Truth be told, the life of a half-ghost is not as thrilling as […]