Frank Howard the Wonderful Tattooed Man

Detail of the cover for “The Life of Frank Howard: The Wonderful Tattooed ManArt and culture blog Hyperallergenic has a great post about the 1880s book  Life of Frank Howard, the most wonderful tattooed man ever known in the civilzed [sic] world: a sketch of his life and the manner in which he became tattooedThe book was recently digitized by Harvard University, and is apparently a great read. Frank Howard left home at 11 to seek his fortune as a sailor and came home covered with tattoos (many done by an ominously-named sailor, Growler). He then got his sister hooked on them, and proceeded to travel with Barnum and Bailey as part of the freak show. The post also has some great photos of Frank, his sister Alice, and other tattooed Victorians.

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