Fiction review: Day of the Dragons, episodes 1 & 2

Publisher: Penny Gaff Publishing
reviewed by Leanne Tough

Day of the Dragons: Ballroom BlitzAnother triumph for Penny Gaff Publishing, this time delivered by author P.S. Chambers. Day of the Dragons: Girl in the Corner and Day of the Dragons: Ballroom Blitz are two novella-length stories in the Clockhaven Chronicles series produced by Penny Gaff but in a very different style to A Drop of the Venom by Andrew McCurdy that I reviewed earlier this year. They are the first two in a four-part serialisation. Once again, the reader is presented with beautiful illustrations and gorgeous ‘antiqued’ pages, showing just how ebooks should be done, making up for the loss of that delightful paper book smell. (And at no more than $1.99 per epic tale, one can’t argue.) Then there’s the stories themselves: plenty of action, adventure, and twists in all the right places.

Both stories follow Stanislaus Pulaski, an American engineer whose success gets him more than he bargained for. Episode one sees him on the peaceful island of Curacao, transforming from indentured genius-engineer to unwitting hero caught up in a bitter conflict between the Empire and the rebels within. Episode two finds our hapless hero still caught up in situations beyond his ken, helped (or rather hindered) by his friends and still determined to continue his own work. Plus, the author throws a little romance and a lot of excitement into the bargain.

I’d highly recommend that you download them, curl up with your tablet, and enjoy. Preferably with a strong cup of tea to steady your nerves–though I can’t promise it won’t go cold.

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