Fiction review: Day of the Dragons, episodes 1 & 2

BY P.S. CHAMBERS Publisher: Penny Gaff Publishing reviewed by Leanne Tough Another triumph for Penny Gaff Publishing, this time delivered by author P.S. Chambers. Day of the Dragons: Girl in the Corner and Day of the Dragons: Ballroom Blitz are two novella-length stories in the Clockhaven Chronicles series produced by Penny Gaff but in a […]

Fiction Review: Chrystal Heart

BY MEG KINGSTON Publisher: Jay Walker Writing Reviewed by Nimue Brown Indiana Jones and The Fifth Element, only with a kickass female lead and plenty of contemporary Steampunk twists. This is a crisply written, well-paced book that will keep you turning the pages, so don’t start it if you’ve got to be somewhere else urgently! […]

Fiction Review: An Airship Named Desire

BY KATHERINE MCINTYRE Publisher: Hazardous Press Reviewed by Lori Holuta What’s a steampunk story without an airship? Well, it’s certainly not mandatory, of course, but an adventure that’s centered around an airship provides the perfect opportunity to showcase many readers’ favorite elements in the Steampunk genre. An Airship Named Desire carries a weighty cargo. Besides […]

Fiction Review: The Wailing

BY MR GRAHAM Self-published Reviewed by Anna Burwell Enter ‘Professor’ Leland, existing furtively in the chaos surrounding the Blitz with his roommate (of sorts), Rowan. Employed—as he seems to have always been—by the mysterious body known in-narrative as ‘the Management,’ Leland is charged with doing his part for the war effort in this time of […]

Music Review: To the Weak and the Weary

BY ELI AUGUST AND THE ABANDONED BUILDINGS Self-published Review by Josh Aterovis A driving guitar is joined by evocative cello and the singer asserts, “No one wants to hear a sad song.” It’s an interesting beginning to an album that is mostly full of sad songs. Impressively, though, the overall feeling isn’t one of depression, […]

Fiction Review: The Kingmakers (Vampire Empire, Book Three)

BY CLAY AND SUSAN GRIFFITH Publisher: Pyr Review by Anna Burwell [For the reviews of Books One and Two of the Vampire Empire series, go here and here] Jumping forward a sub-genre, the war arrives in a strange display of World War I tactics. Cesare has since stolen the throne for himself, which leaves Gareth […]

Fiction Review: The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, Book Two)

BY CLAY AND SUSAN GRIFFITH Publisher: Pyr Review by Anna Burwell [For the review of Book One of the Vampire Empire series, go here] After her excitement in vampire-controlled Britain, Adele faces equally daunting challenges on the home front. While she is next in line for the throne, there are those in the Empire who […]

Fiction Review: The Greyfriar (Vampire Empire, Book One)

BY CLAY AND SUSAN GRIFFITH Publisher: Pyr Reviewed by Anna Burwell As the final decades of the 19th Century wound down, a plague of mythical proportions struck the Northern Hemisphere. Vampires rose up from the cool, dark places of the earth, slaughtered every human in their wake, and plunged the entire world into chaos (and […]

Fiction Review: The Diamond Thief

BY SHARON GOSLING Publisher: Curious Fox Reviewed by Belle Cooper We’re introduced to our protagonist, Rémy Brunel, at the top of a trapeze performance for Le Cirque de la Lune, and within a few pages we seem to know all we need to know about her: she’s a sixteen-year-old orphan, slight of build, and a […]

Fiction Review: Doktor Glass

BY THOMAS BRENNAN Publisher: Ace Trade (2012) Reviewed by Cheyenne Kam The main concept of this novel is something from a child’s fantasy: the “Span”, a bridge stretching from Liverpool in England to New York City in the U.S., built just as the 20th century is getting underway. Armies of workers have sunk pitons into […]