All Aboard to Lantern City!

Steampunk is without a doubt all a-buzz about Tron star Bruce Boxleitner’s latest media project, Lantern City, which he promises to be the “first true Steampunk TV show” and “not shy away from the issues of the time”. Considering how the community has been let down before in popular media depictions of Steampunk, people are […]

Against grand jury repression

Today SteamPunk Magazine signed on to the following statement: On Wednesday July 25th, the FBI conducted a series of coordinated raids against activists in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle. They subpoenaed several people to a special federal grand jury, and seized computers, black clothing and anarchist literature. This comes after similar raids in Seattle in July […]

Things to Look For At Steampunk World’s Fair

post by Katie Casey Are you headed to Piscataway, NJ this weekend for Steampunk World’s Fair? A bunch of Steampunk Magazine contributors will be there, myself included. I’m presenting on a few panels, and I’m also going to be seeking out events that deal with the overlap between steampunk and LGBTQ culture. Here’s a few […]

Steampunk World’s Fair!

We’re all excited and getting ready for the 3rd Steampunk World’s Fair in New Jersey next week, and hope a lot of you are able to join us. It was the World’s Fair that actually directly led to the rebirth of SteamPunk Magazine: the magazine had been languishing for some time after the burnout of […]


Next weekend in San Antonio, Texas is AetherFest. This will be our first time at AetherFest, (and my first time in San Antonio), but after meeting the organizers at other events across the country, we’re excited as hell. I (Margaret Killjoy, the current editor) will be performing as an accordionist for the first time in […]

Steampunk Adventure-Of-Your-Own-Choosing Tour!

     SteamPunk Magazine editor Margaret Killjoy is on tour with his book What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower, the steampunk Adventure-Of-Your-Own-Choosing novel lauded by Cory Doctorow and Alan Moore among others. The tour will include stops at three wondrous steampunk events, including the Steampunk Ball in Pittsboro (NC), AetherFest in San Antonio (TX), and […]

Creature Entertainment Studios

I just found out that SteamPunk Magazine art editor Juan Navarro (who has been illustrating for us since issue #2, I believe!) has put his indie comic book publishing company, Creature Entertainment Studios, up on kickstarter. This isn’t an untested idea: the company is made up with experienced but day-jobbed comics creators who make all […]

Steampunk III Table of Contents Announced!

The next Steampunk Anthology, Steampunk Revolution, is coming out this autumn. The estimable editor Ann VanderMeer has just announced the TOC! Fiction “Smoke City” by Christopher Barzak “On Wooden Wings” by Paolo Chikiamco “To Follow the Waves” by Amal El-Mohtar “The Seventh Expression of the Robot General” by Jeffrey Ford “Sir Ranulph Wykeham-Rackham” by Lev […]

A review of Catastrophone Orchestra

Steampunk Emma Goldman has posted a review of Catastrophone Orchestra over on her blog anachro-anarcho. Most of the stories contained within the Catastrophone Orchestra reader first appeared in the pages of our magazine, so of course we’re proud to see their work collected in this book! From the review: I hear a lot about steampunk […]

Looking for reviewers!

Dear readers! SteamPunk Magazine is looking for additional reviewers. We’ve decided to expand our reviews section. We’re looking for people with: decent writing skills (bonus: review-writing experience) literacy in steampunk media an awareness of feminism, anti-colonialism, anti-heterosexism, etc. We don’t pay except, of course, in that secret reward reviewers get everywhere: free stuff. Interested parties […]