Introduction to The Nautilus Project

Captain Mobius is just your average everyman: he’s fifty-something, retired with a partial physical disability… and he has a mission: you see, he’s recreating the Nautilus from Walt Disney’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ as a 36-foot, 5 passenger lake-going boat, and doing it single-handedly. In a recent conversation from an undisclosed location somewhere in […]

Release Party at Steampunk World’s Fair!

Will you be at Steampunk World’s Fair in a few weeks? We will be, and we’re throwing a release party for our new issue! Join us for a surrealist-themed shindig with parlor games and silent films, 10pm-midnight on Saturday in the Centennial Room at the Embassy Hotel.

Issue 9 Now Available For Pre Order!

  Steampunk Magazine Issue 9 is now available for preorder!   This long-awaited issue is our thickest yet, coming in at 118 pages of mad science, history, interviews, fashion, and fiction!   This issue covers such subjects as: dieselpunk, anti-fascist fashion, DIY miniature airships, paper dolls, the New Orleans general strike of 1892, loaded dice […]

Interview: Progress the Series

Progress is an upcoming web series about Wiki-leaks style adventures on a steam-powered Victorian internet. I chatted with the creators about some of the inspirations for the series. Check it out at their website; you can also support their IndieGoGo campaign! Tell us a bit about the world of  Progress. How does wiki-leaks happen in a […]

Dreampunk! Call for Submissions!

Our friends at Vagrants Among Ruins are looking for submissions to a new zine, Dreampunk! Dreampunk is the search to build a better world in the ruins of the old. To build a world of equality, liberty and community that reaches for wonder, invention, and a more balanced relationship with ourselves, one another, and with the […]

Interwith with Bryn Pryor, creator of Cowboys and Engines

Bryn Pryor and his team want to bring steampunk to the big screen on a new, huge scale: Their film Cowboys and Engines has robots, zeppelins, space travel, and mysterious gadgets galore, all set in a detailed alternative history. I got to ask Bryn a few questions about alt history, world-building, and the film itself. […]

Wired reviews Steampunk Magazine

Wired has reviews of several fabulous Steampunk publications, including our very own magazine. If you’re looking for some new reading material, check out their recommendations! Thanks for the kind review!

Issue 9 Giveaway!

Issue 9 is about to hit the presses! (Check out the cover art, by the amazing  Kelley Hensing.) To celebrate that, and having just passed 6,000 followers on our Facebook page, we’re holding a giveaway! To Enter Comment on this thread to enter the giveaway. Entries will close on Monday, Feb. 18th, at noon (EST). One […]

New Year, New Editors, New Submissions!

Happy New Year, Everyone! It’s the time for resolutions, and ours is to continue bringing you fine Steampunk fiction, nonfiction, art and reviews. Issue 9 is coming up soon, and starting today we’re open for submissions for Issue 10. My name is Katie Casey. I’ve been involved in the magazine and the website for several […]

Fiction review: Her Majesty’s Explorer: a steampunk bedtime story

BY EMILIE P. BUSH, ILLUSTRATED BY WILLIAM KEVIN PETTY Publisher: Coal City Stories Reviewed by Canis latrans Follow St John Murphy Alexander, a youthful automaton soldier, on his unarmed nonviolent ramble through the wilderness. This mechanical soldier comes fully equipped with colonial pith helmet and cute (if not entirely practical) bindlestiff. His apparently exploratory mission […]