Against grand jury repression

Today SteamPunk Magazine signed on to the following statement: On Wednesday July 25th, the FBI conducted a series of coordinated raids against activists in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle. They subpoenaed several people to a special federal grand jury, and seized computers, black clothing and anarchist literature. This comes after similar raids in Seattle in July […]

Occupy Steampunk?

Issue #8 is coming along, but this whole “ending the corporate rule over our society” thing seems pretty important and a lot of our editors are losing themselves in that. But why separate our interests? We’re working on an article about steampunks in the occupy movement for issue #8. We’re looking for thoughts and reports […]

Native Steampunk Roundup

There’ve been a few interesting posts recently about Native American-inspired Steampunk, particularly issues surrounding costuming, so I thought I’d pass them along! Beyond Victoriana has a guest post on stereotypes in costuming and incorporating native technology. And Multiculturalism for Steampunk has about a dozen posts on the topic. Here are my favorites: Native American Steampunk: […]

Jha’s Epic Steampunk Rant

I meant to post this a few days ago and just got to it: Jha posted a pretty fantastic rant, tweeted with the comment “I, too, can rant about steampunk!” Here’s my favorite bit, at the risk of spoiling the ending: “You want to hate on steampunk? Steampunk’s not the problem. Imperialism is the problem. […]

GUEST POST: Using the Transgender Umbrella to Describe the Steampunk Parasol

We decided, a week into October, that we should do something for LGBT History Month, and the marvelous Lucretia Dearfour of The Wandering Legion responded to my plea for a last-minute guest post. Thanks for the post, Lucretia! As a transgender individual I’ve heard, been called, and sometimes even identified with a lot of different […]

Turn of the Century Slumber Parties

Thank you all of you for your marvelous suggestions of queer Victorians to profile this month! I have some serious Wikipedia-ing to do, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite LGBT-etc pictures from the turn of the century, all courtesy of The Bilerico Project. Slumber party! Boys dancing cutely! Drag Queens! A […]

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Oscar Wilde says Happy National Coming Out Day! This month is LGBT History month here in the US; would anyone be interested if I featured some queer Victorians here at Steampunk Magazine? Would anyone have any suggestions?

Steampunks Around the World, Unite: Multiculturalism in Steampunk

by Ay-leen the Peacemaker This article has been previously published on Free the Princess and in Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders, and is reproduced here with the author’s permission Part 1 Multiculturalism: One compass, many directions When one thinks of the words “steampunk” and “multicultural,” there’s a moment of head-scratching. Since steampunk has existed as […]

Help Artnoose Buy a Letterpress

This email was recently forwarded on to us by our good friends over at Cyberpunk Apocalypse. A friend of theirs is trying to raise the money to setup a print shop that will support not-for-profit projects. It is a genuinely good cause and more than deserves your support. Check out more at the Artnoose page […]

Countering Victorientalism

As part of an upcoming project taking place across the steampunk community, we were recently asked by the Gatehouse Gazette if we would like to write something on the topic of Victorientalism for their latest issue. So we, in turn, asked the wonderful Jha (who has written an introduction to race and steampunk for issue […]