Well, it’s definitely 2010. Alternative energy solutions have become more important than ever, and the politically correct world we all live in is certainly a far cry from the belching smoke stacks of Victoria’s empire. One company, however, has managed to stick a foot into the best of both worlds. Why not use the awesome […]

In which the American auto industry mistakes cars for Coca-Cola

Over the holidays, I got to talking to my Dad about cars.  “I brought my first car when I was sixteen,” he told me, “and it was horrible.  I had to completely take the engine to pieces and rebuild it to get it to work properly.” The internal combustion engine is a simple beast at […]

Beyond Victoriana

Image re-produced from Beyond Victoriana, courtesy of Kory Lynn Hubbell We’ll be completely honest with you: we don’t really read blogs. That’s probably a part of the reason why we’re so bad at keeping this one updated (although that’s changing as we kidnap… I mean find new people that we can talk into posting any […]

Politics and Steampunk

I just re-read the epic conversation that’s unfolding over on the post about Professor Calamity, and while it was fascinating, it was also pointed out that that particular thread was not the place for that discussion. So here we go! What the all-knowing Google turned up on Steampunk and politics, for your reading pleasure: Does […]

SPM's Professor Calamity Arrested

We have been shocked and appalled (and not to mention saddened) to hear that long-time Steampunk Magazine conspirator, author and all-round inspiration Professor Calamity has been arrested as a result of the G-20 protests in Pittsburgh about a week ago. He is facing two felonies for allegedly running a Twitter account — accused of running […]

What freedom to assemble?

Right now in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, marked and unmarked police cars are raiding private homes and buildings (and cars and garages) on a witchhunt for anarchists. [more from Bruce Sterling’s blog] Next week, the Republican National Convention is taking place in St. Paul, and the police are intent on preventing […]

1 in 100 US adults now eligible for free SteamPunk subscription!

To "celebrate" the incarceration of over 1% of the US population, we are now offering steampunk magazine free to those behind bars. Note that this makes 1 in 15 african americans eligible, as well as 1 in 36 hispanic people. We abhor the racist prison-industrial system. Unfortunately, most prisoners will be unable to read this […]