Madeline Foxtrot’s “No Torque Zone”: An interview with The Airship Ambassador, Kevin Steil, Part 2

Now that we have a fresh pot of tea we are once again entering Madeline Foxtrot’s No Torque Zone is The Airship Ambassador, Kevin Steil. Kevin was nice enough to tell me a little bit about what he does and his completely incorrect view of Steampunk. You can see the first part of my interview […]

Madeline Foxtrot’s “No Torque Zone”: An interview with The Airship Ambassador, Kevin Steil

Welcome once again to my sporadically reoccurring segment on Steampunk magazine Online “Madeline Foxtrot’s No Torque Zone.”  As stated before I don’t deal with spin, only truth, and I refuse to let my interviewers have the force to move me on my convictions.  Sitting with me today in my palatial two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn […]

Madeline Foxtrot’s “No Torque Zone”: An Interview with Glenn From League of STEAM

My name is Madeline Foxtrot, and I am an important person. If I were to write out all my accomplishments Steampunk Magazine Online would have to pay the internet for more space. I’ll admit I’m not sure how the internet works but I’m quite certain it works like that. While I’m not an internet expert […]

Introduction to The Nautilus Project

Captain Mobius is just your average everyman: he’s fifty-something, retired with a partial physical disability… and he has a mission: you see, he’s recreating the Nautilus from Walt Disney’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ as a 36-foot, 5 passenger lake-going boat, and doing it single-handedly. In a recent conversation from an undisclosed location somewhere in […]

Interview: Progress the Series

Progress is an upcoming web series about Wiki-leaks style adventures on a steam-powered Victorian internet. I chatted with the creators about some of the inspirations for the series. Check it out at their website; you can also support their IndieGoGo campaign! Tell us a bit about the world of  Progress. How does wiki-leaks happen in a […]

Interwith with Bryn Pryor, creator of Cowboys and Engines

Bryn Pryor and his team want to bring steampunk to the big screen on a new, huge scale: Their film Cowboys and Engines has robots, zeppelins, space travel, and mysterious gadgets galore, all set in a detailed alternative history. I got to ask Bryn a few questions about alt history, world-building, and the film itself. […]

All Aboard to Lantern City!

Steampunk is without a doubt all a-buzz about Tron star Bruce Boxleitner’s latest media project, Lantern City, which he promises to be the “first true Steampunk TV show” and “not shy away from the issues of the time”. Considering how the community has been let down before in popular media depictions of Steampunk, people are […]

Web Feature #1 – An Interview With The Catastrophone Orchestra

We’re going to be running interviews and features here from time to time that don’t quite fit into our printed magazine. Our first web feature is on The Catastrophone Orchestra, a writing collective based in NYC that have been regularly featured in our pages from the very first issue. They’ve got a book out, now, […]

GUEST POST: Using the Transgender Umbrella to Describe the Steampunk Parasol

We decided, a week into October, that we should do something for LGBT History Month, and the marvelous Lucretia Dearfour of The Wandering Legion responded to my plea for a last-minute guest post. Thanks for the post, Lucretia! As a transgender individual I’ve heard, been called, and sometimes even identified with a lot of different […]

Women in Steampunk 2: Dreadnought

Recently, I was bitching about the lack of satisfying female characters in steampunk literature. Mere days later, through the magical powers of Twitter, I received an answer to my rant: an advance reading copy of Cherie Priest’s new novel Dreadnought, due out on September 28th. I’d been looking forward to reading it anyway, entirely on […]