Dreampunk! Call for Submissions!

Our friends at Vagrants Among Ruins are looking for submissions to a new zine, Dreampunk! Dreampunk is the search to build a better world in the ruins of the old. To build a world of equality, liberty and community that reaches for wonder, invention, and a more balanced relationship with ourselves, one another, and with the […]

New Year, New Editors, New Submissions!

Happy New Year, Everyone! It’s the time for resolutions, and ours is to continue bringing you fine Steampunk fiction, nonfiction, art and reviews. Issue 9 is coming up soon, and starting today we’re open for submissions for Issue 10. My name is Katie Casey. I’ve been involved in the magazine and the website for several […]

My Favorites from Tor.com’s Steampunk Week 2012

Last week was Tor.com’s Steampunk Week, and as usual there was some great stuff. Here’s a few highlights: Boldly Into Our Patina’d Future: Our own Magpie Killjoy, on how Steampunk aesthetics can help remedy some boring and destructive elements of modern culture. But I’m happy to use steampunk as a goggle lens with which to […]

The Steampunk’s Guide to Sex

You have two more weeks to support the Steampunk’s Guide to Sex! The Book As we start this kickstarter campaign, we’re more than halfway done writing A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex. The book covers both Victorian and contemporary sexuality, such as: erotica sex work burlesque BDSM alternative sexualities consent sexual health sex devices through the […]

The Future of Steampunk Comics

In Issue #8 we interviewed Greg Rucka, creator of Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether; here, his co-creator Rick is interviewed by Zak Zych on the comic-making process and the future of steampunk comics. Check it out! The Steampunk Future of Comics – A Video by Zak Zych from Zak Zych on […]

Dylan Fox in Alt History Magazine

In Dylan Fox’s Restless, Commodore Paul Nelson leads a flotilla British ironclads through the East China sea to the Chinese mainland. They escort the Colossus Engine, a weapon of unparalleled terror and destruction, and carry orders to subdue China and claim it for the British crown. A young Han girl called Bik Shu shovels coal […]

Steampunk Adventure-Of-Your-Own-Choosing Tour!

     SteamPunk Magazine editor Margaret Killjoy is on tour with his book What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower, the steampunk Adventure-Of-Your-Own-Choosing novel lauded by Cory Doctorow and Alan Moore among others. The tour will include stops at three wondrous steampunk events, including the Steampunk Ball in Pittsboro (NC), AetherFest in San Antonio (TX), and […]

Creature Entertainment Studios

I just found out that SteamPunk Magazine art editor Juan Navarro (who has been illustrating for us since issue #2, I believe!) has put his indie comic book publishing company, Creature Entertainment Studios, up on kickstarter. This isn’t an untested idea: the company is made up with experienced but day-jobbed comics creators who make all […]

Steampunk III Table of Contents Announced!

The next Steampunk Anthology, Steampunk Revolution, is coming out this autumn. The estimable editor Ann VanderMeer has just announced the TOC! Fiction “Smoke City” by Christopher Barzak “On Wooden Wings” by Paolo Chikiamco “To Follow the Waves” by Amal El-Mohtar “The Seventh Expression of the Robot General” by Jeffrey Ford “Sir Ranulph Wykeham-Rackham” by Lev […]

A review of Catastrophone Orchestra

Steampunk Emma Goldman has posted a review of Catastrophone Orchestra over on her blog anachro-anarcho. Most of the stories contained within the Catastrophone Orchestra reader first appeared in the pages of our magazine, so of course we’re proud to see their work collected in this book! From the review: I hear a lot about steampunk […]