Countering Victorientalism

As part of an upcoming project taking place across the steampunk community, we were recently asked by the Gatehouse Gazette if we would like to write something on the topic of Victorientalism for their latest issue. So we, in turn, asked the wonderful Jha (who has written an introduction to race and steampunk for issue […]

The Trial of Sherlock Holmes

Saw this on Twitter and thought I’d pass it along – our fantastic contributor John Reppion has released a collected edition of his series The Trial of Sherlock Holmes. The website has a few pages available online, and it starts off with a fantastic explosion, which makes it awesome by default.

Other Steampunk Magazines

It makes us very happy that we aren’t the only steampunk-based magazine that’s out there. The more of us there are, the more people are being introduced to steampunk in all its myriad forms, and that is a very, very good thing indeed. In our next issue, we will have an article by Margaret Killjoy […]

UK Steampunk Network

I’m not in the UK, but for those of you who are… Announcing… the UK Steampunk Network! The UK Steampunk Network is an entirely un-exclusive club house for anyone involved in, wanting to get in involved in, curious about or entirely unaware of the Steampunk scene in the United Kingdom. The idea is that you […]

Radio 5 Interview

To coincide with the steampunk exhibition currently happening at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science, BBC Radio 5’s “Pods and Blogs” programme have put together a special steampunk episode which went out last night. The podcast can be downloaded and listened to via the Pods and Blogs webpage and includes an interview with […]

SPM's Professor Calamity Arrested

We have been shocked and appalled (and not to mention saddened) to hear that long-time Steampunk Magazine conspirator, author and all-round inspiration Professor Calamity has been arrested as a result of the G-20 protests in Pittsburgh about a week ago. He is facing two felonies for allegedly running a Twitter account — accused of running […]

New Releases from SPM's Very Own Killjoy

Longest-time Steampunk Magazine conspirator and all-round superstar Margaret Killjoy has two new books out this month, and we encourage you all to get out there and enjoy them, and show Margaret your support. ‘Being The Exploration of One Fine Summer’ is a photobook for the year which documents everything from mountaintop removal sites in Appalachia, […]

The Zombie Years

Like zombies? Like super-awesome art? Frequent SPM contributor Juan Navarro, has an awesome webcomic you should check out: The Zombie Years a post-apocalypic, zombie-infested wonderland. You can check out Juan’s awesome art in the magazine too, of course –  he has a couple of fantastic pieces in Issue 6!

Magpie's New Blog

To encourage Magpie (an editor) to stop posting his person this and that to SteamPunk Magazine, we set him up a nice blog to play in, Birds Before The Storm ( You can now go there for all your news about Airships, Anarchism, and Accordions. And of course, news about Magpie.

Interview on SteamPunk Spectacular!

Pardon for the tardiness of this post, but I’m pleased to say that my interview over at SteamPunk Spectacular has been released in podcast format! I’ve only done a handful of interviews, but I would go so far as to say that this was my favorite so far. The rest of the podcast is quite […]