Steampunk in Oxford English Dictionary

A quick bit of news, via Time Magazine – the word “Steampunk” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, with the definition ” a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advance technology.” Congratulations, steampunk world! We are now as legitimate as “cheeseball,” “vuvuzuela,” “hater,” and “The Interwebs,” among other […]

It’s the Wave of the Past!

The fabulous blog Free the Princess has only recently made it onto my radar by publishing a series about Steampunk and Multiculturalism by Ay-Leen the Peacemaker (It’s coming this way next, don’t worry!), but this post by K. Marie Criddle from a while ago was too funny not to share:

Katie at Airship Ambassador, Pt 2!

Hello everyone! I’m enjoying my last few weeks of break before school starts, so there probably won’t be much regular posting for a bit, but here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion: The second half of my interview at Airship Ambassador, featuring a small hoard of links and my suggestions about what to call a group […]

Katie at Airship Ambassador!

This is a few days old, but I thought I should point out… The fabulous Kevin over at Airship Ambassador has put up the first part of an interview with me, in which I address such thorny questions as “How would you define steampunk?” and “Why does everyone call you ‘Spiffy,’ anyway?” It’s fun times, […]

Many Steampunk Music & Events

For those of you interested in the steampunk music scene here in the UK (or in steampunk music more generally) there’s certainly a lot going on at the moment. So much so, in fact, that we feel obliged to tell you about some of it. By way of new releases, over the next two months […]

Help Artnoose Buy a Letterpress

This email was recently forwarded on to us by our good friends over at Cyberpunk Apocalypse. A friend of theirs is trying to raise the money to setup a print shop that will support not-for-profit projects. It is a genuinely good cause and more than deserves your support. Check out more at the Artnoose page […]

You Can’t (Always) Fight the Tide

For the last few years, SteamPunk Magazine has been resisting the ever-present siren’s song calling us towards an increasingly dizzying number of social networking sites. However, as the subject line would suggest, you can’t always fight the tide, and so it comes to pass that we have finally given in. With this in mind, you […]

Countering Victorientalism

As part of an upcoming project taking place across the steampunk community, we were recently asked by the Gatehouse Gazette if we would like to write something on the topic of Victorientalism for their latest issue. So we, in turn, asked the wonderful Jha (who has written an introduction to race and steampunk for issue […]

Losing 'Lee' – A Fashion Legend Bows Out

Fashion commentator Fabiana Bronte has written this about the recent loss of fashion designer Alexander McQueen, a designer that had done much to develop a steampunky look on the catwalk. We thought you may all be interested in seeing what she has to say. It was the collection entitled Highland Rape that made me first […]

Write to us!

We are, even as we speak, working away feverishly behind the scenes to put together the next issue of Steampunk Magazine, which will be coming to a website near you (well, this one, anyway) some time at the end of March. However, the past few months have seen a bit of a drought in emails […]