The Marionette Unit

Once in a while we get an email about an upcoming steampunk film, series, webisode etc, but rarely do we hear about anything with the potential to be as interesting as the one that’s currently in development by film-makers Azhur Saleem and James Boyle. The Marionette Unit is a film set in a totalitarian Victorian […]


For any of you in the Leeds area, we’ve had word of a wonderful new venture called Fabrication which is offering up space to designers and costumers, and is also running a series of workshops over the next few months on everything from how to make a Regency dress, to vintage hair and makeup, to […]

Sherlock Holmes

So I’ve recently seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and while it’s far too early in the morning to write a proper review I’m curious to hear how many of you have seen it/liked it/hated it/what have you. Vaguely steampunk, with all the pretty tech? Kind of silly? Personally, I liked it, but what really […]

Wooden Cars of the Future

While we’re on an automobile kick, here’s something awesome from Make Magazine: “Artist, traveller, & inventor Joost Conijn spent the better part of a year building his own very custom automobile – almost entirely from wood. And what more fitting way to power such a vehicle, than with an onboard wood-burning stove! You might assume […]


Well, it’s definitely 2010. Alternative energy solutions have become more important than ever, and the politically correct world we all live in is certainly a far cry from the belching smoke stacks of Victoria’s empire. One company, however, has managed to stick a foot into the best of both worlds. Why not use the awesome […]