SteamPunk Magazine On the Road!

Yes, we’re winding up the clockwork horses and stoking up the steam-powered salesman, ready to get out into the real world this March. On the 13th and 14th March, you can find us behind a table at the Maker Fair; And on the 27th March we’ll be manning and womanning a stand at White Mischief. […]

News from the London Steampunk Spectacular

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing From left to right: Marc Burrows (bass), Ben Dawson (drums), Andy Heintz (vocal/saw), Andrew McNeill (vocal/guitar) Despite half of the tube system shutting down for the weekend (and despite the fact that we managed to get ourselves completely lost in the separate time-zone that is King’s […]


For any of you in the Leeds area, we’ve had word of a wonderful new venture called Fabrication which is offering up space to designers and costumers, and is also running a series of workshops over the next few months on everything from how to make a Regency dress, to vintage hair and makeup, to […]

News from the Steampunk Magazine Soiree

* * * * * Having been on the move (and on the road) since the week before the soiree, it’s taken me a little while to pull together all of the video that we managed to get over the weekend of the SteamPunk Magazine Soiree (not to mention that we actually had to send […]

Happy New Year

Forget flying cars; now that we’re officially in the future, I want my dirigible. Wishing you all a delightful evening of ringing in the new decade and a fantastic 2010!

Two UK Steampunk Events

We are now all back safe and sound from the soiree. We all had a fantastic time, many thanks to everyone who came and especially to our wonderful bands Sunday Driver, Ghostfire, and the delectable Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. In the next couple of weeks, we will be putting up photos […]

National Novel Writing Month

Next week marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month! If you’re not participating in this month-long writing frenzy (50,000 words in 30 days) you might not understand the panic those of us who ARE participating are currently feeling. By which I mean, the panic I am currently feeling. Because I have no plot. But […]

The Second Steampunk Soirée!

Almost two years ago now, some of us were lucky enough to be invited to organise the (Short Notice!) Steampunk Soirée. Now, it is with immense personal pleasure that we are finally able to announce the Second Ever (Longer Notice!) Steampunk Magazine Steampunk Soirée which will be happening in Oxford (UK) over Sunday 13th and […]

Lincoln Steampunk Convivial 2009

A week ago now, we were lucky enough to attend the first ever UK-wide steampunk gathering (christened ‘The Asylum’) which was held in Lincoln between 11th and 13th September. With us, we took the first UK-printed copies of Steampunk Magazine (printed by the lovely Mal at Fallen Angel Media in Bristol). The organisers of the […]

Steampunk Magazine at the Asylum!

Next weekend, steampunks in the UK will get the chance to attend The Asylum Steampunk Convivial, the first steampunk event of its kind in Great Britain. The Asylum will be showcasing a number of upcoming UK steampunk bands including Trousseaux; Sunday Driver; The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing; and our good friends […]