Frank Howard the Wonderful Tattooed Man

Art and culture blog Hyperallergenic has a great post about the 1880s book  Life of Frank Howard, the most wonderful tattooed man ever known in the civilzed [sic] world: a sketch of his life and the manner in which he became tattooed. The book was recently digitized by Harvard University, and is apparently a great read. Frank […]

Les Machines de L’lle

Know what’s really cool? Giant steampunk mechanical animals. But where to find them? France, apparently. We’ve posted  Les Machines de L’lle‘s giant elephant before, but here’s some of their other creatures!

Interview: Progress the Series

Progress is an upcoming web series about Wiki-leaks style adventures on a steam-powered Victorian internet. I chatted with the creators about some of the inspirations for the series. Check it out at their website; you can also support their IndieGoGo campaign! Tell us a bit about the world of  Progress. How does wiki-leaks happen in a […]


Wired reviews Steampunk Magazine

Wired has reviews of several fabulous Steampunk publications, including our very own magazine. If you’re looking for some new reading material, check out their recommendations! Thanks for the kind review!

My Favorites from’s Steampunk Week 2012

Last week was’s Steampunk Week, and as usual there was some great stuff. Here’s a few highlights: Boldly Into Our Patina’d Future: Our own Magpie Killjoy, on how Steampunk aesthetics can help remedy some boring and destructive elements of modern culture. But I’m happy to use steampunk as a goggle lens with which to […]

The Future of Steampunk Comics

In Issue #8 we interviewed Greg Rucka, creator of Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether; here, his co-creator Rick is interviewed by Zak Zych on the comic-making process and the future of steampunk comics. Check it out! The Steampunk Future of Comics – A Video by Zak Zych from Zak Zych on […]

To Woo a Heart of Brass; Victoriana Valentine Links

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is barreling towards us all like a pink, chocolate, wildly out of control locomotive that’s jumped it’s tracks. As we quake in fear at what a modern fourteenth of February might bring (did I mention pink already?), let us take it upon ourselves to bring a bit […]

Biopunk Project Gropes With Slimy Tentacles For Submissions

Earlier this month, I received an email from Christine Danse, author of the steampunk novella, Island of Icarus. She had seen a blog post I’d made about a year ago regarding the subgenre of biopunk, and raised the question of why it has sat so quietly in the back corner of popular culture. From there, […]

Steampunk Flash Fiction Contest

Howdy, all. Lately, I’ve been experimenting a bit with a new writing medium- flash fiction. If you haven’t heard of it, flash fiction is a story that usually runs around 500 words. A sort of hybrid between short fiction and poetry, the best flash fiction punches you in the jaw and leaves you dazed (in […]