Quick Links: Steampunk Fortnight @ Tor.com

Sci-fi and fantasy blog Tor.com is taking another stab at Steampunk after their fantastic Steampunk Month series last year, which you might want to check out! There’s not much up yet, but the fabulous Ay-Leen the Peacemaker has a beautiful essay on the Ao Dai, which made my inner costume nerd giddy with joy, and […]

Deceptive Doors

When I someday make my fabulous steampunk dream house, my doors are going to look like this: Via Curbly.

Recycled Robo-Elephant

I’ve seen some pretty awesome things made of reclaimed materials – The Minister’s Treehouse, for example – but this one takes the cake for now: It’s a 12-meter-high mechanical elephant, made of 45 tons of reclaimed wood and steel. It can carry almost 50 passengers at a time. There’s more pictures (and the original article) […]

Today in Dork News: The Legend of Korra

I really, really meant to have a serious interesting post up sometime soon for you all, but instead, I give you this: If any of you follow the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender, rest assured that the clusterf*ck that was the Last Airbender movie is being remedied by a new mini-series, featuring a girl waterbending […]

Classy, Classy Star Wars

Steampunk Star Wars has been done, but here’s some Victorian portraits of Star Wars characters that made me smile, for your amusement. Here’s my favorite:

More on the "Punk" in Steampunk

Kevin Steil of Airship Ambassador, a shiny new steampunk blog, has an interesting discussion of the “punk” in “Steampunk,” defining it as a “reaction, rebellion and resolution” against contemporary society. Here’s my favorite part: “Steampunks will find their reaction, rebellion and resolution spanning the spectrum of motivational reasons. Perhaps it’s the desire to learn more, […]

Spring Eye Candy

Pretty things to get you through the rest of the week and inspire crazy weekend projects… Flight history photographs from GD Falksen, featuring all manner of zeppelins, balloons, and dangerous-looking contraptions. (Also from Mr. Falksen, The Zouaves, who all wear the most excellent pants.) Octopi as interior decor from The Steampunk Home. Some lovely costumes […]

Steampunk Contests, Ahoy!

For you artsy types: Spoonflower, which is a custom fabric-printing website, is hosting a contest to design a steampunk fabric. The deadline is next Monday, Feb. 15th.. Here’s the entries already submitted. For you less-artsy types: Voyages Extraordinaries is having a month for Japanese steampunk, and are kicking it off with a drawing for the […]

Beyond Victoriana

Image re-produced from Beyond Victoriana, courtesy of Kory Lynn Hubbell We’ll be completely honest with you: we don’t really read blogs. That’s probably a part of the reason why we’re so bad at keeping this one updated (although that’s changing as we kidnap… I mean find new people that we can talk into posting any […]

Home Sweet Home

Lately I’ve been seeking steampunk eye candy in the form of amazing interior decorating, and the internet is providing plenty. (via The Steampunk Home) Antique science-y things! (via The Steampunk Workshop) Epic old doors! (via Gizmodo) A home theatre like the inside of a submarine?! While I can do nothing so epic, I have been […]