Occupy Steampunk?

Issue #8 is coming along, but this whole “ending the corporate rule over our society” thing seems pretty important and a lot of our editors are losing themselves in that. But why separate our interests? We’re working on an article about steampunks in the occupy movement for issue #8. We’re looking for thoughts and reports […]

SteamPunk Magazine will be reborn

Okay, so it’s been awhile. I can make all kinds of excuses, but let me sum them up with “running a magazine is hard and is harder still when you’re not getting paid.” Two editors now have come to that conclusion. But we’re starting to work out how we can keep the magazine going, because […]

Issue #7 Released!

It always gives us great pleasure to announce the release of a new issue of the magazine, and this one more so than most as we genuinely believe that Issue #7 is our best ever. There are articles on steampunk’s relationship with politics, the future of steampunk fashion and the melting pot of 19th century […]

Erm, just FYI…

Normally I wouldn’t worry about saying this, but this is the Internet and I’ve been around here a while. The whole ‘SPM the Movie’ thing was our idea of a joke. A bit of fun for the first of April. However. This should by no means stop you from taking select parts out of context […]

Issue #8 Submission Guidelines

Just a quick note to let y’all know the submission guidelines have been updated for Issue #8, the theme confirmed and the reading period announced.  Here’s a summery summary: The next reading period is 1st April 2010 to 31st May 2010, when we will be accepting submissions for Issue #8 of SteamPunk Magazine, which is […]

New and Future Publication Dates

From time to time we get emails asking us about the publication dates of various issues of the magazine, and also several queries regarding the dates of future releases. To solve the former question, here is a list of when each issue of SteamPunk Magazine came out: Issue #1 – Putting the Punk Back into […]

Write to us!

We are, even as we speak, working away feverishly behind the scenes to put together the next issue of Steampunk Magazine, which will be coming to a website near you (well, this one, anyway) some time at the end of March. However, the past few months have seen a bit of a drought in emails […]

New Websites, Forum and UK Order Page

Although we realise that this is long, long overdue, we are nonetheless very happy to reveal the all new, brand new, amazingly-redesigned Steampunk Magazine website for your viewing pleasure. As well as completely overhauling the main website, our forum the Gaslamp Bazaar has also been given a facelift. And with this redesign, we must offer […]

New Formats for Issues #3 and #4

Thanks to the wonderful Mister Frazer Brown, we are now able to offer the 11”x17” sizes of issues #3 and #4 in imposed format. You can find these on our downloads page which we have re-designed in preparation for the complete website re-launch which you will be seeing within the next couple of days. Thanks […]

Issue with Countries/Availability of SPM #6

We’ve had a few people saying that they are having problems ordering Issue #6 of Steampunk Magazine to their countries. Having taken a look into it, we’re pretty sure that the problem is being caused by a new feature that PayPal have added to their order page to estimate shipping costs. Basically, when you click […]