Issue #6 is here (at last!)

After a lengthy struggle and much holding of heads, we are delighted to finally be able to announce the release of Issue #6 of Steampunk Magazine – The Pre-Industrial Revolution. The cover has been beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Molly Crabapple, and the magazine has (among other things): the final part of John Reppion’s ‘Doppler […]

SteamPunk Magazine, Issue #5 Released!

Some people said it would never happen, for a moment in there some of us even thought it would never happen, but now, over a year since the release of our last issue, it brings me immense pleasure to announce that the fifth issue of SteamPunk Magazine is now available! Featuring everything from emergency welding […]

Issue #5

Just a quick note to let everybody know that there have been a few hiccups with the printing and distribution of issue #5, but hopefully it will be coming to a website near you very soon indeed. We are still scheduled for the release of issue #6 some time in July, and thank you all […]

Updated Submission Guidelines & Theme for Issue #6

I am happy to say that the Deadlines & Submissions page has now (finally!) been updated with information regarding the recent happenings at SteamPunk Magazine. There have been changes to the frequency and submission windows, and (as you can see) we are also now accepting poetry. In addition to this we can also announce the […]

The Future Of SteamPunk Magazine, Part III

Hopefully, this shall be the final announcement regarding the future of the magazine that you will read for quite some time. As you all know by now, Margaret has allowed me to take over some of the editing and day-to-day running of SteamPunk Magazine, and I am both honoured and delighted to be allowed do […]

The Future Of SteamPunk Magazine, Part II

I am sad to announce that I am stepping down as primary editor of SteamPunk Magazine. Suffice it to say that, for a number of reasons, I am not able to continue running the magazine. Fortunately, someone has stepped up to take the mantle. It’s no small thing to be the volunteer editor of a […]

Translated Introduction To The Italian Version of the Apocalypse Guide

Edit: I credited this wrong, have now fixed it. Our Italian friend Reginazabo has furnished us with an English translation of their introduction to the translated steampunk’s guide to the apocalypse. I just read it over and it’s wonderful: it really nails most of what steampunk is about for us, and explores some new theoretical […]

Brazilian SteamPunk!

We’ve gotten word that co-conspirators in Brazil, have begun to distribute SteamPunk Magazine to a Brazilian audience! At the moment, there are no translations available, but we certainly appreciate the Portuguese-speaking world having a good portal through which to discover the world of steampunk!

The Guide To The Apocalypse In Italian!

So this is a bit late, as it came out last month, but A SteamPunk’s Guide To The Apocalypse is now available in italian!. We just got our copies in the mail, it’s pretty exciting. Translations were done by Reginazabo, and it was released by Agenzia X.

The Future of SteamPunk Magazine

Pardon the ominous subject line. We won’t be going away. Issue #5 nears completion and I expect it will be our strongest issue yet. But the big news is that we’re taking on a new format. SteamPunk Magazine has always been a journal masquerading as a periodical. We launched at a time when small magazines […]