A SteamPunk's Guide to the Apocalypse!

We’re dreadfully sorry, we had forgotten to add A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse to our orders page! This error has since been corrected. We’ve also added a collection of steamypunk (for mature readers only), another patch, and two grab-bags of free zines that you can add to any order.

SteamPunk Magazine Available for Order Once More!

Plus the Guide to the Apocalypse has been reprinted! After too long of a break, we’ve gotten all our reprints together and are ready to continue sending out copies of the magazine. We’ve moved the orders page to our publisher’s page, Mail-Order at Tangledwilderness.org, and from there you can continue to shop via paypal! In […]

not accepting orders for awhile, until mid-june

We’re just about sold out of several of the issues, we’re waiting on steampunk’s guide reprints, postage rates just went up, and two of us are about to go traveling for a little while, so I’m taking down the “orders” page. If you’ve already placed your order, it will get sent. Otherwise, we hope to […]

hacked by spambots

just to make this clear, at some point this site was/is hacked by spam-porno-bots. Nothing could be more repulsive to us. We’re looking into the issue now. WordPress update sex scene moviemovies wifeysex movie homemovie 3rd inuyashamovie orgasmstar porn moviesaziani movies rachelmovies strippermovies black adultfull movie dbz

1 in 100 US adults now eligible for free SteamPunk subscription!

To "celebrate" the incarceration of over 1% of the US population, we are now offering steampunk magazine free to those behind bars. Note that this makes 1 in 15 african americans eligible, as well as 1 in 36 hispanic people. We abhor the racist prison-industrial system. Unfortunately, most prisoners will be unable to read this […]

Guide to the Apocalypse – Sold Out

Well, we finished selling our print run of 500 of the guides to the apocalypse, and we’re not in the best position to do reprints at the moment, so it looks like it’s download-and-print-yourself now. Thanks to everyone who bought one! Free porn downloadFree porn downloadpeeing girl underageinterracial jap hotunderage little girls topless13year old non […]

SteamPunk Magazine, Issue Four!

It is with much joy and relief that we unveil the latest issue of SteamPunk Magazine, issue #4! Learn how to turn lead into gold or sew a hat. Discover the secret worlds of many of steampunk’s finest authors. Peek into the brain of authors and musicians and punks galore! Available to purchase or download […]

Delays and Tours

As many of you have noticed, issue #4 has not been completed as of yet. First of all, sleep soundly knowing that we continue to work on it apace… there have been a number of setbacks that have been overcome already and more still to face us. I fear to announce something exact, but expect […]

A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse

After teasing the world with excerpts in issue #3 of SteamPunk Magazine, we are pleased to release the full, 56-page “A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse”, written by Margaret Killjoy and featuring the art of Colin Foran. It is available for free download for your home-printing or web-viewing pleasure, or may be purchased from us […]

SPM #3 Released!

This happy evening we are pleased to announce the release of SteamPunk Magazine, Issue #3! Available to purchase or download for free!