Mid-Week Steampunk Roundup

Goodness, I know I’ve been neglecting my feed reader when there are 30 unread steampunk posts. Passing along some of the best for your enjoyment! Steampunk Scholar has a review of Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan, which I’ve wanted to read for a while. Anyone read it yet? Thoughts? Ever adorable, The Steampunk Home has some cool […]

Happy Holidays from SPM

One of several carols up on YouTube from the Glasgow University E. Steampunk Society. Also check out this cute Christmas poem and film from the League of Steam. Happy Holidays, everyone!

A Very Steamy Halloween

Images via e-mails from readers and steampunk fashion on LJ. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Happy Halloween!

Hello dear Steampunks! Hopefully you will emerge from tonight’s festivities merely sugar-high and not hungover, but either way, if your revels include Steampunk costuming, please send pictures to blog@steampunkmagazine.com so I can do a post-Halloween post of all your finery. Love, Katie