Fiction Review: Doktor Glass

BY THOMAS BRENNAN Publisher: Ace Trade (2012) Reviewed by Cheyenne Kam The main concept of this novel is something from a child’s fantasy: the “Span”, a bridge stretching from Liverpool in England to New York City in the U.S., built just as the 20th century is getting underway. Armies of workers have sunk pitons into […]

Fiction Review: Ack-Ack Macaque

BY GARETH L POWELL Publisher: Solaris Review by Belle Cooper To hear author Gareth L Powell tell it, it all started started quite simply: with a name. It was his job only to find the character and the story that name belonged to. He’s since managed to do so twice, first with a short story […]

Music review: Queen of the Wave

BY PEPE DELUXE Label: Catskills Records Reviewed by Meg Kingston Calling itself “An Esoteric Pop Opera in Three Parts”, Queen of the Wave is a bold attempt by the Scandinavian duo Pepe Deluxe to reinvent the prog rock concept album for the 21st century. I love the idea, I enjoyed some of the tracks, but […]

Fiction Review: The Steam Mole

BY DAVE FREER Publisher: Pyr 2012 Reviewed by Nimue Brown, with co-reviewer James While Steam Mole is a sequel to the exuberant YA novel Cuttlefish, it would stand alone so don’t hesitate to jump in here if this one comes to you first. Young adventurers Clara Calland and Tim Barnabas find themselves in a steam […]

Fiction Review: The Night Circus

BY ERIN MORGANSTERN Publisher: Anchor Reviewed by Cheyenne Kam You are invited to a circus that only opens after dark, and closes at dawn. A circus that appears without warning, overnight, whose black-and-white tents hide feats of magic and mechanical engineering, with moving statues, masked performers, mystery and danger. You might think you’re just a […]

Fiction Review: A Drop of the Venom

BY ANDREW MCCURDY Publisher: Penny Gaff Publishing, LLC Reviewed by Leanne Tough A Drop of the Venom, Part One, is both an engaging read and a visually stunning eBook. The first thing I fell in love with was the art work and the gorgeous pages; ‘antiqued’ to make them both aesthetically pleasing and, as a […]

Fiction Review: Venus on Mars

BY JAN MILLSAPPS Publisher: Falernian Press Reviewed by Lori Holuta I’ve always loved road trips. There is a freedom of mind and body that can only be found when you’re far from home and the only physical object that ties you to your identity is your car. Some of my favorite books and movies have […]

Fiction Review: Cuttlefish

BY DAVE FREER Publisher: Pyr 2012 Reviewed by Nimue Brown, assisted by James This is a particularly intriguing alternate history novel that does not have an immediately obvious point of departure from actual history. Helpfully, author Dave Freer includes an author note at the end explaining the little, human change that gives him a flooded […]

Music review: The Devil or the Barrel

BY THE LANGER’S BALL Self-published Reviewed by John Smith The latest album from Celtic rock band The Langer’s Ball shows that this Twin Cities five-piece isn’t scared to take sides in that age-old dilemma “The Devil or the Barrel.” And the side they take is pretty clear. Want a hint? It’s the barrel. The International […]

Fiction Review: Tucker Teaches the Clockies to Copulate

BY DAVID ERIK NELSON Ars Architeuthis Press; 2 edition reviewed by William H. Rose, III [Cover image and illustrations for Tucker Teaches the Clockies to Copulate by Chad Sell] I’ve written previously regarding the flexibility of Steampunk in genre fiction and how its themes can appear in almost any type of literature. Tucker Teaches the […]