Music Review: Electro Swing for the Masses

ARTIST: GOOD Co. Label: self-published Reviewed by John Smith The electro swing band Good Co. more than lives up to their name. “Good” is an understatement in describing this album, which ranges from sample-heavy dancehouse electric jazz swing to Cake-esque eclectic ballads to classicly crooned house band dance numbers that sound like they’re being spun […]

Non-Fiction review: The Art of Steampunk

AUTHOR: ART DONOVAN Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Reviewed by Leanne Tough The Art of Steampunk, by Art Donovan, is the companion to the October 2009-February 2010 Steampunk convention held at the Oxford University Museum of the History of Science. It was the world’s first museum exhibition based on the art of Steampunk. The companion includes work […]

Fiction Review: That Darn Squid God

NICK POLLOTTA AND JAMES CLAY Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing (2007) Reviewed by Leanne Tough That Darn Squid God by Nick Polotta and James Clay (aka Phil Foglio of the Girl Genius webcomic) is a Lovecraftian parody, a rip-roaring romp through an alternative Victorian world filled to the brim with cultists, secret societies, and elegant ladies […]

Music Review: Evolve or Die

ARTIST: V IS FOR VILLAINS Label: IMW Inc. Reviewed by Manuel Zarb What does a band made up of super villains sound like? We may never know the whole truth, but for now V Is For Villains does a pretty great job of answering that question. Their debut, Evolve Or Die, is an industrial rock album with […]

Music Review: The Funhouse

TITLE: THE FUNHOUSE ARTIST: CARAVAN OF THIEVES Label: United for Opportunity Reviewed by Josh Aterovis The funhouse, as we all remember fondly from our sepia-tinged childhoods, is a place that perfectly combines humor with horror, merriment with the macabre. That’s why it’s entirely fitting that Caravan of Thieves chose The Funhouse as the title of […]