Release Party at Steampunk World’s Fair!

Will you be at Steampunk World’s Fair in a few weeks? We will be, and we’re throwing a release party for our new issue! Join us for a surrealist-themed shindig with parlor games and silent films, 10pm-midnight on Saturday in the Centennial Room at the Embassy Hotel.

ART: The Midnight Archive

via The Midnight Archive – Art and the Occult – YouTube. NOTE: Not strictly a Steampunk thing really, but obviously the tones of the Occult and the Aesthetic crossover with that of the Victorian era, and as much as we see it as some sort Edwardian aesthetic, we can see also how the Art Nouveau […]

Fiction Review: The Exile’s Violin (Tethys Chronicles, Book 1)

BY R. S. HUNTER Publisher: Hydra Publications, September 2012 Review by Barbora Lyčková A fast-paced steampunk adventure of simple words and complex politics Imagine living the ordinary life of a young girl in Vorleaux, the beautiful wrought-iron capital of the Republic of Alesir. There is school to attend during the day, open-windowed trolleys to travel […]

ART: Forsaken zanzibar, to the light

Forsaken zanzibar, to the light by ~lordoffog


“It is better to be beautiful than to be good. But… it is better to be good than to be ugly.” -Oscar Wilde …and with that I want to say hello to a new section to STEAMPUNK MAGAZINE, dedicated to ART, in all the forms that Steampunk can be, it is a visual genre as […]