FICTION: On the Effects of Transmutational Science by Jeannie M. Leighton

Editor’s Note: Issue 10 is starting to come together! To keep you entertained until it’s ready, we’ll be featuring a couple of short stories here on the blog. Here’s the first; enjoy! *** ON THE EFFECTS OF TRANSMUTATIONAL SCIENCE Jeannie M. Leighton Truth be told, the life of a half-ghost is not as thrilling as […]

Updates… #9 deadline in a week, website recovered

So, the deadline for SteamPunk Magazine #9 is less than a week away and the issue is shaping up beautifully! We’d be particularly excited about any interesting non-fiction: how-tos, history, essays, analysis, etc. Two weeks ago the website was hacked and it took us a bit to recover, but we’ve got everything together and it’s […]

recovering from a hack, pardon the mess

we’ll have things back together in no time.

Register & Contribute to the SPM Website!

As we mentioned yesterday the Gaslamp Bazaar is closed for the foreseeable future. However, as promised, we’ve been looking into how to make the SteamPunk Magazine more community-orientated, and we are happy to announce that you can now register your very own SPM account. Once registered, you will be able to manage your profile, comment […]

The Gaslamp Bazaar is No More!

After much deliberation, we have decided to close the SteamPunk Magazine forum down for the foreseeable future. Between the spambots and the technical difficulties, it has gotten increasingly difficult to maintain the Gaslamp Bazaar over the last year or so. We tried to make forums somewhere different and interesting place to hang out, but the […]

Website Thanks

Time for a few sorely overdue thanks to the people who helped (advertently or otherwise) with the redesign of this website, and with the design of the new website for Vagrants Among Ruins. First off, many, many, many thanks to the wonderful Brigid Ashwood who provided the artwork in the banner and footer of the […]

New Websites, Forum and UK Order Page

Although we realise that this is long, long overdue, we are nonetheless very happy to reveal the all new, brand new, amazingly-redesigned Steampunk Magazine website for your viewing pleasure. As well as completely overhauling the main website, our forum the Gaslamp Bazaar has also been given a facelift. And with this redesign, we must offer […]

Changes are Afoot

As many of you will already know by now, there are major changes afoot here at Steampunk Magazine, and it’s long past the time when we should have said something about what you can expect to see over the next few weeks and months. Since Steampunk Magazine began, its base of operations has always been […]

Artist/Illustrator Wanted for Website Re-Design

At the moment, we are in the process of re-designing the Steampunk Magazine Website. We are also setting up a new, top-secret project which will (among other things) allow us to sell UK-printed copies of the magazine to Europe and much of the rest of the world. There will be more information on that project […]

Steampunk Links

Daniel Proulx has started a new blog of Steampunk resources and inspiration, to be found here. The first post is a gallery of Steampunk art found on DeviantArt, and some of it is quite lovely. It is, as I said, still very new, but hopefully many awesome things will ensue once it gets going! My […]