An Introduction

Good evening, fellow steampunks! Allegra invited me to start blogging here some time ago, but I’m afraid I’m only just now getting around to it – but it works out well, because by now you’ll all have seen me in Issue 6! (What? You haven’t gotten your copy yet? Go now. I’ll wait till you […]

The Website is Back!

Since the tail end of last year we have had ever-increasing problems with the website as a result of hackers who broke in and have been using Steampunk Magazine to spread spam and malware. This problem has got exponentially worse over the past few weeks, and culminated two days ago in my needing to take […]

Death to Spambots

Once more we have suffered under a wave of spambots. I’m dreadfully sorry to every RSS feed subscriber who had to suffer obnoxious porn spam. We’ve updated all our software and databases and all of that stuff, so hopefully this noxious era is now behind us.

Interview on SteamPunk Spectacular!

Pardon for the tardiness of this post, but I’m pleased to say that my interview over at SteamPunk Spectacular has been released in podcast format! I’ve only done a handful of interviews, but I would go so far as to say that this was my favorite so far. The rest of the podcast is quite […]

The Gaslamp Bazaar — SteamPunk Forum

We are happy to present to the world The Gaslamp Bazaar, a forum for discussing SteamPunk as a growing counter-culture, one that hopes to challenge the hegemony of crass consumerism. It is a virtual place to gather with your fellows and discuss our arts, literature, politics, crafts, lives, and the like. We hope you enjoy […]


after being sold out for over a month, we just got in our reprints of issues #1-#2, which may be ordered with our fancy new web-cart!. You may also note that the website has been moved entirely onto this wordpress blog. We did this for ease of updating, and I think the new ordering system […]