Please keep in mind before submitting that we publish under Creative Commons licensing, which means that people will be free to reproduce and alter your work for noncommercial purposes.

We are not currently a paying market.

Please introduce yourself in your introduction letter: we like to know that we’re working with actual people.



Fiction: Fiction submissions are temporarily closed. Please consider submitting nonfiction work instead!

Nonfiction: We run a variety of nonfiction, including pieces on contemporary steampunk culture and historical articles about 19th century rabble-rouser, Victorian oddities, and other items of interest.

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Poetry: We are not currently accepting poetry submissions.

Illustration: We print the magazine in black and white, and attempt to keep illustrations as reproducible as possible. Ideally, you will contact us, including a link to your work, and we will add you to our list of interested illustrators. Any submissions need to be of high resolution (300dpi or higher), and preferably in .TIFF format.

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Photography: We do not currently run photography.

How-tos: We are always looking for people who have mad scientist skills to share. We are interested in nearly every form of DIY, although engineering, crafts and fashion are particularly dear to us. We can also help to adapt things to print format, if you need it.

E-mail to Sam Kimery

Comics: We would love to run more comics. Contact us!

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Reviews: We run reviews of books, movies, zines, music, etc. We are looking to expand our reviews section and will no longer just be running reviews of work we find exceptional. We are looking for reviewers as well: please contact us if you are interested.

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Fashion: Although we are quite interested in steampunk fashion, we are more interested by DIY skill-sharing than exhibition of existing work. If you want to share patterns or tips for clothing, hair or accessories, then please let us know!

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Interviews: Most of the reviews we run are conducted by staff of the magazine, but we do occasionally accept interviews conducted by others. However, it would be best to contact us before going through the work of conducting the interview to see if we would be interested in running an interview with your subject.

Advertisements: We do not run paid advertisements on our site or in our magazine. We rarely run press releases. If you have a product you want our readers to be aware of, your best bet is to write a how-to article explaining how to make it, submit the media for review, or request an interview.

Other: Surprise us! We’re nicer people than we sound!

Please contact

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