SteamPunk Magazine #8!

Two years after issue #7, SteamPunk Magazine is back and better than ever, with over 110 pages of content and a color cover by our own Doctor Geof.

$8 from Combustion Books

(Note that this currently ships only from the US until we get a UK distributor.)

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Featuring interviews with:

  • Collane di Ruggine
  • Shanna Germain
  • Steampunk Emma Goldman and Voltairine DeCleyre
  • Greg Rucka
  • Unwoman
  • Thomas Willeford

Writing by:

  • Larry Amyett, Jr
  • Cassandra Marshall
  • Profesor Calamity
  • Katherine Casey
  • The Catastrophone Orchestra
  • Mikael Ivan Eriksson
  • P. Fobbington
  • Kate Franklin
  • Margaret Killjoy
  • E.M. Johnson
  • S. Kimery
  • David Major
  • Dimitri Markotin
  • Screaming Mathilda
  • Wes Modes
  • Marie Morgan
  • David Z. Morris
  • Jamie Murray
  • Juan Navarro
  • Profesor Offlogic
  • Pinche
  • David Redford
  • Miriam Rosenberg Roček
  • James Schafer

And artwork from:

  • Manny Aguilera
  • Tina Black
  • Sarah Dungan
  • Doctor Geof
  • Allison Healy
  • Tommy Poirier-Morissette
  • Juan Navarro
  • E.M. Johnson
  • Larry Nadolsky
  • Kate Oliver
  • Sergei Tuterov

Issue #8 will be released thursday!

We got SteamPunk Magazine #8 back from the printers and will be releasing it this Thursday!

SteamPunk Magazine #8 will be out by TempleCon 2012!

Our thickest issue yet, SteamPunk Magazine #8, is about to be sent to the printers and we aim to have it in our hands by TempleCon 2012!

What’s more, I’ll be presenting a number of things as will some of our favorite contributors. My schedule and that of the Catastrophone Orchestra is over on the website of our publisher, Combustion Books!

SteamPunk Magazine Anthology (#1-7) is now out!

At long last, SteamPunk Magazine issues #1-7 are in print once more! They are bound in this 432 page, lovingly designed anthology released by the collectively-run publisher Combustion Books, with an introduction by Jake von Slatt and a handsome cover illustrated by John Coulthart.

The anthology can be purchased for $20.99 from the independent distributor AK Press or from

Occupy Steampunk?

Issue #8 is coming along, but this whole “ending the corporate rule over our society” thing seems pretty important and a lot of our editors are losing themselves in that. But why separate our interests? We’re working on an article about steampunks in the occupy movement for issue #8. We’re looking for thoughts and reports from steampunks involved in Occupy Wherever, please contact us!

SteamPunk Magazine #8 now open to submissions!

SteamPunk Magazine #8 has a submissions deadline of October 15th and will be released in November, 2011.

The only reasonably major change is that we are, for this issue at least, not considering poetry for inclusion in the magazine.

Read our submission guidelines and then direct any submissions to !

We’ve reorganized a bit, and will now be published in the States by Combustion Books instead of Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness, which is only good news: Combustion Books is still an independent, collective-run publisher, but it’s one with the infrastructure to get SteamPunk Magazine better distributed and available to more people. Combustion Books actually came out of collaboration within the pages of SteamPunk Magazine. We will endeavor to continue to be as internationally available as possible.

SteamPunk Magazine will be reborn

Okay, so it’s been awhile. I can make all kinds of excuses, but let me sum them up with “running a magazine is hard and is harder still when you’re not getting paid.” Two editors now have come to that conclusion.

But we’re starting to work out how we can keep the magazine going, because we believe in it and because we believe in steampunk. We believe that steampunk can be more than fancy clothes because we’ve seen it be more than fancy clothes.

So keep an eye on this blog and in general. We’ve got new bloggers and soon we’ll be putting out a proper call for contributions to SteamPunk Magazine #8.

To Woo a Heart of Brass; Victoriana Valentine Links

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is barreling towards us all like a pink, chocolate, wildly out of control locomotive that’s jumped it’s tracks. As we quake in fear at what a modern fourteenth of February might bring (did I mention pink already?), let us take it upon ourselves to bring a bit of steam into the holiday.

The Victorians were, after all, the true inventors of the Valentine’s Day card. The custom reached it’s zenith in the 1870s and 80s sometime after British postal rates were standardized. Often unabashedly flowery and sentimental, Victorian valentines were also pieces of artwork, and took quite a lot of effort and skill to conceive. Golden Age Valentine techniques and how-to links from puzzle purses to love knots are lovingly outlined here at:

A quick Google shopping search reveals that many fine craftsmen have already come up with some novel creations, such as this unique collage by SenecaPondCrafts on Etsy: I also discovered some replicas for sale of the moving, “mechanical” type cards so popular in the late nineteenth century. To really get an idea of how these cards worked, you might also want to check out this demonstration.

Lastly, I think it is quite necessary to share this comical short film, circa the year 1900:

The Old Maid’s Valentine (1900)

Have a happy, ooey-gooey, Valentines Day!

Google and Jules Verne

If you haven’t seen the Google logo yet today, GO! Right now! It’s some submarine windows for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which you can move around to see different undersea creatures, and it’s incredibly adorable.

If you miss it, here’s a few stills:

Calls for Submissions!

Steampunk Magazine currently isn’t accepting submissions, but lots of other places are looking for fabulous writers! Here are a few calls for submissions which I’ve been asked to pass along.

Steam-Powered 2 is an anthology of steampunk stories featuring lesbian-identified protagonists. (Look for a review of the first Steam-Powered book here on the blog soon, by the way!) The submission period runs from February 1st to March 30th.

Femme Fatales is an anthology of mystery stories featuring lesbian-identified protagonists. Submission period is from May 1st to June 30th.

The Omnibus Doctor Bill Shakes and the Magnificent Ionic Pentatetrameter is a steampunk Shakespeare anthology, “where Steampunk elements and themes are thoughtfully applied to Shakespeare’s works.” Submissions are accepted until May 30th.