A Very Steamy Halloween

Images via e-mails from readers and steampunk fashion on LJ. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Happy Halloween!

Hello dear Steampunks!
Hopefully you will emerge from tonight’s festivities merely sugar-high and not hungover, but either way, if your revels include Steampunk costuming, please send pictures to blog@steampunkmagazine.com so I can do a post-Halloween post of all your finery.

National Novel Writing Month

Next week marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month! If you’re not participating in this month-long writing frenzy (50,000 words in 30 days) you might not understand the panic those of us who ARE participating are currently feeling.

By which I mean, the panic I am currently feeling.

Because I have no plot.

But fear not! If you NaNo-ers find yourselves like me, racing towards the start line without the slightest idea what you’re doing, here are some Steampunk plot bunnies up for adoption. Use them well!

Other Steampunk Magazines

It makes us very happy that we aren’t the only steampunk-based magazine that’s out there. The more of us there are, the more people are being introduced to steampunk in all its myriad forms, and that is a very, very good thing indeed.

In our next issue, we will have an article by Margaret Killjoy which discusses how to set up and run your own magazine, and in that vein it’s high-time we said a little about the other magazines we share the steampunk community with. And so, without further ado…

The Gatehouse Gazette is a free webzine publishing fiction, articles, reviews and interviews. The Gazette is bi-monthly, and champions both steampunk and dieselpunk. It is currently in its eighth issue, and I think it’s safe to say that will be catching up with them (or rather, we won’t) for quite some time!

The even-more-prolific Steampunk Tales is a monthly, pure-fiction payzine (around $1.99) released specifically for viewing on the iPhone/iPod, but also available on the Kindle or in PDF. Now in its third issue, SPTales takes after the style of the pulp adventure magazines from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

From the strictly fictional to the strictly non-fictional, the newest addition to the ranks of steampunk-centric magazines is the Exhibition Hall. A free webzine which is currently being released on a monthly basis, the Exhibition Hall runs articles on fashion and reports from various steampunk events and conventions, and is dedicated to the review and promotion of steampunk as a literary genre.

Finally, we come to the Cyberpunk Apocalypse. While not strictly steampunk in nature, the folks over at Cyberpunk Apocalypse have reproduced a couple of articles from Steampunk Magazine in their latest (and first) issue — where they also have a short rant on steampunk — and are folks after our own hearts. The product of a writers’ collective in Pittsburgh, they also host regular events open to all and sundry, and will be adopting Steampunk Magazine’s Margaret Killjoy as their writer-in-residence during the month of November.

Be sure to check out at least some of the publications we’ve mentioned above. It’s about time steampunks started sharing the love a little more!

Website Thanks

Time for a few sorely overdue thanks to the people who helped (advertently or otherwise) with the redesign of this website, and with the design of the new website for Vagrants Among Ruins.

First off, many, many, many thanks to the wonderful Brigid Ashwood who provided the artwork in the banner and footer of the Vagrants website, we could not be happier with it!

Thanks also go to ewark and Cybrea for creating the brushes we used in the SPM site re-design, and to necrosensual-art who provided the brushes we used to re-work the Gaslamp Bazaar.

UK Steampunk Network

I’m not in the UK, but for those of you who are…

Announcing… the UK Steampunk Network!

The UK Steampunk Network is an entirely un-exclusive club house for anyone involved in, wanting to get in involved in, curious about or entirely unaware of the Steampunk scene in the United Kingdom.

The idea is that you come along, tell us about anything Steampunk-esque you’re involved in, organising, attending or know about, and we put it up on the site for other people to get involved in, help organise, attend and otherwise know about. You can leave comments on things other people have written, chat freely on the forum and check the calendar for upcoming events, gatherings and releases.

With a little luck, we can get all the groups and–just as importantly–individuals who like this whole Steampunk thing and live in the UK introduced to each other and talking. We can get the community sharing ideas, sparking off each other, indulging in their passions and doing things together. If you have a few friends you meet up with, you could trade it up for a group large enough to make big outings worthwhile. If you’re wondering why you’re the only person who has seen the (gas)light in your area, you can find out you’re not! If you think Steampunks should descend en masse to a play in your area, you can make it happen!

Okay, we’ve got big dreams. But no one ever got anywhere dreaming small, did they?
We’re over at www.steampunknetwork.co.uk, registration is free and easy and it’s going to be very dull without you.

Pretty Things For Your Monday

Alas, it is Monday. You’ve all probably seen this comic, but it makes me giggle, and therefore makes for a good way to start the week:

Via the fabulous folks at Wondermark.

Speaking of fabulous folks, Tor.com is having a Steampunk Month, which I’m only 18 days late at noticing. I haven’t had a chance to look at it too closely (ew, midterms), but a quick glance reveals articles on everything from fashion to books to music to philosophizing to zombies, and the month’s only half over. If you see any of them that you think merit extra-special attention, please leave a comment or drop me a note at blog@steampunkmagazine.com.

Hope you all have a lovely week!

New Websites, Forum and UK Order Page

Although we realise that this is long, long overdue, we are nonetheless very happy to reveal the all new, brand new, amazingly-redesigned Steampunk Magazine website for your viewing pleasure. As well as completely overhauling the main website, our forum the Gaslamp Bazaar has also been given a facelift.

And with this redesign, we must offer an open invitation to all: please go away and try to break our website. We don’t mean “Ask that shady hacker that you met the other night to assault us with spambots”, instead, just take a look around the website, click on the links, leaf through the content, and let us know if anything goes horribly wrong while you are doing so. While we have done our very best to make the new website as beautiful and perfect as we can, we aren’t professional designers and the chances are that there are a few bugs here and there that shall have to be ironed out over the coming weeks.

We are also happy to announce the launch of the website for the Vagrants Among Ruins publishing collective. From here on in, Vagrants will be co-releasing Steampunk Magazine alongside Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness as well as publishing all manner of steampunk books and zines besides.

Finally, with the foundation of Vagrants Among Ruins, you are now finally able to purchase copies of Steampunk Magazine from the United Kingdom, for dispatch to Europe and the Rest of the World.

Residents of North, South and Central America are still able to order the magazine through the mail-order page at Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness.

Radio 5 Interview

To coincide with the steampunk exhibition currently happening at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science, BBC Radio 5’s “Pods and Blogs” programme have put together a special steampunk episode which went out last night.

The podcast can be downloaded and listened to via the Pods and Blogs webpage and includes an interview with Allegra, one of our editors.

New Formats for Issues #3 and #4

Thanks to the wonderful Mister Frazer Brown, we are now able to offer the 11”x17” sizes of issues #3 and #4 in imposed format.

You can find these on our downloads page which we have re-designed in preparation for the complete website re-launch which you will be seeing within the next couple of days.

Thanks Frazer!