Issue with Countries/Availability of SPM #6

We’ve had a few people saying that they are having problems ordering Issue #6 of Steampunk Magazine to their countries.

Having taken a look into it, we’re pretty sure that the problem is being caused by a new feature that PayPal have added to their order page to estimate shipping costs. Basically, when you click on the ‘Purchase’ button, you are taken to a shopping cart page where you can enter your ZIP code to get an idea of the shipping costs, or select a country outside the US. Unfortunately, for some reason a lot of countries are not on the list.

The good news is that the step is optional. If you just ignore it, and instead click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ then you will be prompted to log into PayPal as normal. You can then enter a shipping address anywhere in the world, and the total cost including shipping will be displayed before you confirm payment.

Hopefully this will help! If not, let us know and provide as many details/screenshots as you can, and we will get on it.

An Introduction

Good evening, fellow steampunks!

Allegra invited me to start blogging here some time ago, but I’m afraid I’m only just now getting around to it – but it works out well, because by now you’ll all have seen me in Issue 6! (What? You haven’t gotten your copy yet? Go now. I’ll wait till you get back. Mine is “Corset Manifesto,” if you’re interested.)

My name’s Katie, known elsewhere on the internet as Spiffy and I hope to help make this blog a regular source of steampunk inspiration, to keep us all amused between magazines. If you’d like to help out as well, you need only send an e-mail to, featuring whatever music, art, events, articles, costumes, literature, or other bits of steampunk-related awesomeness you have recently come across. I’m rather a steam-newb, so chances are I haven’t seen it and would love to check it out and possibly blog it.

I’m quite happy to be here, and hope to have all sorts of interesting things to share! Leave a comment introducing yourself, if you’d like!


Issue #6 is here (at last!)

After a lengthy struggle and much holding of heads, we are delighted to finally be able to announce the release of Issue #6 of Steampunk Magazine – The Pre-Industrial Revolution. The cover has been beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Molly Crabapple, and the magazine has (among other things): the final part of John Reppion’s ‘Doppler and the Madness Engine’; a look at the Romantics and what they did for us; alchemy; Luddites; corsets; sculpture; windmills; poetry; and Victorian martial arts. It’s our biggest issue to date!

As ever, Issue #6 can be downloaded from our website, or alternatively you can get your hands on your very own hard-copy through the order page on Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness.

Stay tuned for news about ordering your very own copy of Steampunk Magazine from our new UK printing operation, the website, Lincoln Steampunk Convivial, and the exciting things that will be happening over the next few months!

The Website is Back!

Since the tail end of last year we have had ever-increasing problems with the website as a result of hackers who broke in and have been using Steampunk Magazine to spread spam and malware. This problem has got exponentially worse over the past few weeks, and culminated two days ago in my needing to take the website offline in order to prevent any further damage.

I have now managed to remove the offending codes and pages and carried out a complete update and re-install of all blog and forum software. For now, all that means is that you may be getting warnings from Google about the site until they check us again and give us a clean bill of health. It also means that things around here (especially the forum) are going to look more than a little different.

This is an unfortunate side-effect of our having to upgrade the forum. Fortunately, it should mean that we get fewer spammers registering in the future (which will in turn mean that we can make the registration process a little easier on everyone).

Over the next few months, hopefully both halves of the website will be undergoing a re-design, and will come out the other side looking much prettier. Until then, be rest assured that the website is once again safe to visit.

Warm regards,

SPM at Makers Fair!

We wanted to let everyone know that Libby will be representing Steampunk Magazine at this weekend’s MAKE Magazine Maker Faire (San Mateo, California), which is the largest DIY festival worldwide.

We will be one aspect of Carnival Mechanique, which is an enlarged version of last year’s Steampunk Contraptor’s Lounge. We won an award at the 2008 faire for this area, and received attention in an issue of MAKE Magazine earlier this year. Libby has previously covered a bit of the Maker Faire experience as part of her interview with the Chronabelle folks in Issue #5. SPM will be joined by many of our extended family members: Jake von Slatt, Datamancer, Deshret Dance Company, Suzanne Forbes, David S. Dowling, members of the Etsy Steam Team, and more.

Libby will have print copies of Issue #5 available for barter or purchase. If you will be in attendance, please come say hi, brainstorm, dance with Nathaniel Johnstone’s band of wayward musicians, have a snack with us, etc.

SteamPunk Magazine, Issue #5 Released!

Some people said it would never happen, for a moment in there some of us even thought it would never happen, but now, over a year since the release of our last issue, it brings me immense pleasure to announce that the fifth issue of SteamPunk Magazine is now available! Featuring everything from emergency welding to a very special guest essay by Bruce Sterling, it is available for download on our downloads page, and can also be purchased, as ever, through Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness.

Good hunting!

In other news, some of us here at SPM will be heading up to Whitby Goth Weekend in two weeks time where Abney Park are playing. If you’re planning on being in the area, drop us a line. We’d love to see you there.

Issue #5

Just a quick note to let everybody know that there have been a few hiccups with the printing and distribution of issue #5, but hopefully it will be coming to a website near you very soon indeed.

We are still scheduled for the release of issue #6 some time in July, and thank you all for your patience as we work out the last few knots.

It won’t be too long now, we promise!

News Roundup

With Issue #5 well on the way to completion (and appearing on a website near you in the next week or so) we thought that it was about time that we posted something of a news feature.

To begin with, a couple of items that relate to the magazine:

For starters, MAKE magazine have an excellent article in their latest issue, which is completely steampunk themed. The article is written by Cory Doctorow and is available to read online. It is titled ‘Love the Machine, Hate the Factory’, a motto which has long been associated with us here at SPM. In fact you can still buy patches with it on over at Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness, should be so inclined.

Also on the topic of the media for those of you in the UK, we will be taking part in an interview on BBC Radio Scotland. The interview is part of Radio Scotland’s Radio Café show (a culture program covering film, books, fashion and theatre), who are running a feature on steampunk on Wednesday 11th March. For those of you in Scotland, the show will be live from around 1:15pm, and for anyone who happens to be in the rest of the UK it will be available for seven days afterwards through the iPlayer.

Further afield, there are various other events taking place over the next few weeks to appeal. In Australia, the a steampunk club, Prometheus Bound, has just opened in Brisbane showcasing a variety of local musicians, writers and performers, while between 6th and 8th March, Pomona in California will be paying host to Gothla, a belly dance event that this year has a decidedly steampunk theme.

This weekend also marks the end of auditions for the Airship Diaries, a series of short podcast-style audio plays. Once the cast list is announced, there will be ten episodes of this in total, which will begin broadcasting from 11th April.

Finally, we would like to share the work of Andy Clark with you, who has just finished working on a painstakingly-crafted replica of a Victorian flea circus chariot using only the techniques and equipment that would have been available in the late 1800’s.

Flea Chariot

The chariot is around a centimetre long, and truly a marvel of engineering. There is a video available of the chariot in action, and it is also well worth taking a look at the Workshop Shed blog, where there is a step-by-step guide to just exactly how Andy did it, which should be of interest to all you metal-workers.

Updated Submission Guidelines & Theme for Issue #6

I am happy to say that the Deadlines & Submissions page has now (finally!) been updated with information regarding the recent happenings at SteamPunk Magazine. There have been changes to the frequency and submission windows, and (as you can see) we are also now accepting poetry.

In addition to this we can also announce the theme for Issue #6 of SteamPunk Magazine: ‘The Pre-Industrial Revolution’. We will be accepting submissions (both themed and unthemed) from 1st April onwards until the end of May, with Issue #6 slated to come out some time in July.

At the same time, be assured that we are still hard at work on Issue #5, and on course to bring the latest instalment to a PC near you by the end of February!

The Future Of SteamPunk Magazine, Part III

Hopefully, this shall be the final announcement regarding the future of the magazine that you will read for quite some time.

As you all know by now, Margaret has allowed me to take over some of the editing and day-to-day running of SteamPunk Magazine, and I am both honoured and delighted to be allowed do just that.

I would like to begin by both praising and thanking Magpie for all of the tireless work and indisputable talent which he has brought to the project over the past few years. He has done so very much to establish this magazine as a genuine force to be reckoned with, and I for one applaud him for every effort that he has made in doing it. I am glad that he has decided to continue be a part of the SteamPunk Magazine along with myself and the other editors, and would also like to wish him all the best of luck for his new project, Post-Civilized.

Since its creation, SteamPunk Magazine has demonstrated how this mostly-overlooked little subculture of ours needn’t be about simply dressing up in pretty clothes and painting cogs on laptops.

It has shown us how steampunk can be more than just a website – more than just a blog, a magazine, or a set of cap and goggles. It has shown us how it can be a way of life. It has helped us to see how it can be a lens through which we see the world around us: a way we can engage with it, and a way in which we may re-imagine its future while at the same time preserving its past. It has shown us that maybe we have moved forwards in the name of progress long enough, and that perhaps it is time for us to begin in looking back.

More than anything else, you should all be assured that I shall make it my highest priority to ensure that SteamPunk Magazine continues to put the punk back into SteamPunk.

Obviously there are going to be some changes happening over the next few weeks and months, however you can be certain that even as I write to you, issue five of SteamPunk Magazine grows ever closer to being completed. It is looking likely that it will come out on or around 25th February 2009 – one year since the last issue was released.

As to what happens after that, well that is very much up to all of you. I have set up a discussion on the Gaslamp Bazaar where we call all talk about what changes may be made to the magazine after the release of issue #5. I have shared a few of my own ideas for what the future may hold for us, and I hope that you will all feel encouraged to do the same.

Wishing you all a very happy new year.

Warm regards,