Guide to the Apocalypse – Sold Out

Well, we finished selling our print run of 500 of the guides to the apocalypse, and we’re not in the best position to do reprints at the moment, so it looks like it’s download-and-print-yourself now. Thanks to everyone who bought one!

SteamPunk Magazine, Issue Four!


It is with much joy and relief that we unveil the latest issue of SteamPunk Magazine, issue #4! Learn how to turn lead into gold or sew a hat. Discover the secret worlds of many of steampunk’s finest authors. Peek into the brain of authors and musicians and punks galore! Available to purchase or download for free!

Delays and Tours

As many of you have noticed, issue #4 has not been completed as of yet. First of all, sleep soundly knowing that we continue to work on it apace… there have been a number of setbacks that have been overcome already and more still to face us. I fear to announce something exact, but expect it in February, and expect it to be lovely.
On another note, I (Magpie) will be on tour for about a week with Ego Likeness once more, at their dates in San Fran, Seattle, Portland, Boise, and Salt Lake City, playing drums and hawking our magazine. Come out and say hello!

The Gaslamp Bazaar — SteamPunk Forum

We are happy to present to the world The Gaslamp Bazaar, a forum for discussing SteamPunk as a growing counter-culture, one that hopes to challenge the hegemony of crass consumerism. It is a virtual place to gather with your fellows and discuss our arts, literature, politics, crafts, lives, and the like. We hope you enjoy it.


after being sold out for over a month, we just got in our reprints of issues #1-#2, which may be ordered with our fancy new web-cart!. You may also note that the website has been moved entirely onto this wordpress blog. We did this for ease of updating, and I think the new ordering system makes it all worthwhile!

Rachel E. Pollock to be included in upcoming SteamPunk Anthology!

We are proud as all get out to announce that Rachel E. Pollock of la bricoleuse will have her piece “reflected light” reprinted in an upcoming SteamPunk Anthology, appearing alongside Michael Moorcock, Jay Lake, and Neal Stephenson, among others.

The Short-Notice SteamPunk Soiree!

The Blue Heron InfoShop of Reed College, in Portland, Oregon, has invited us to put on a short-notice SteamPunk Soiree! We will have readings by myself (Margaret Killjoy) and Yyks!, a co-conspirator. More than anything else, we hope this will be an opportunity for us steampunks to get to know each other. It’s free, and though it’s being held at Reed College, it’s open to the public.

On Tour With Ego Likeness

ego likeness tour
I (Magpie, an editor) will be on tour as a drummer for the wonderful goth band Ego Likeness on part of their fall US tour. So come out and see me hit things with sticks! Or pick up copies of the magazine or the guide! And while the band itself is not SteamPunk, the guitarist Steve Archer is the artist behind our second issue’s cover (and his artwork will be available), and the singer Donna Lynch contributed the excellent story “Mining Medusa” to the magazine.

A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse

SPMG After teasing the world with excerpts in issue #3 of SteamPunk Magazine, we are pleased to release the full, 56-page “A SteamPunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse”, written by Margaret Killjoy and featuring the art of Colin Foran. It is available for free download for your home-printing or web-viewing pleasure, or may be purchased from us for $5, complete with gorgeous cover.

Steamypunk Unveiled, a steampunk erotic fiction project, is not directly related to steampunk magazine. But we share at least one author, and many of our readers have expressed interest in it. So there it is, in all it’s glory. Submit fiction to it!